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Beyond Eden - Kele Moon

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This is a story of love, friendship and trust. Danny, Eve and Paul have been friends since childhood. Paul and Eve were childhood sweethearts. After finishing high school Eve goes off to New York to pursue her dreams in Art. Fast-forward to ten years later. After a failed relationship and career Eve moves back into her hometown and comes in contact with Danny and Paul.


A lot has happened during the ten years. Paul and Danny they are in secret BDSM relationship. Paul is a submissive with pain fetish. Danny is a dominant. Eve has voyeuristic fantasies. Hidden desires, longing, jealousy and secrets come out. This was an intoxicating tale of three complex individuals in love and lust.


Even thought this was a ménage relationship I was more invested in reading about Paul and Danny relationship. It was intense and erotic. The steam level was good there were some aspects of it which was difficult for me to read and digest.

Some quotes I Liked:

“I want to fucking drown myself in you,”

“I’m your Master. Everything you have belongs to me because you are mine.”

“Love me or not, I’m going to make you mine.”